Our Company

Chandigarh Art Theatre since its inception in the year 1980 has been engaged in the promotion of theatre & Dance art foms.
It has the distinction to stage plays in various cities of the country. Our previous productions were Badnam Log, Thank you Mr. Glad, Chirag JalUtha, Proposal, Preeto, Kriti Vikriti, Amrit Putra, Parda Udne Se Pehle, Baap Re Baap, Khilji Ka Dhant, Harapa House, 300 Street Plays ,65 Theatre Plays.118th Dance Competitions , Voice OF Chandigarh 2012, Sada Bahaar Geet-2013, Dance ke Super Star 2013 ,Parthibha-2013,Taal-2013,Dance Par Chance-2013 , Naach-2013 , Rhythm of Life-2013 , Old is Gold , Theatre Play-Hawalaat , Taal-2014 , Naach-2014 , Parthibha-2014, Theatre Play Daastan-E Chor, Streets Play “Naari Shakti” in Villages under the NZCC Govt. of India, Super Star of Dance-2015 street play- “ hum sub ek hai” March Month “Save The Water on Holi",Rhythm of Haryna ,Geeton Bari Sham-2015 , Jhoom 2015 ,Theatre Play Anzaam ,TAAL-2015 , Rhytham of Chandigarh ,

Theatre Play- Mirtak Bhoj ,“Dancing Star-2015” , Parthibha-2015.

January - Naach-2016

February - Theatre Play “ Kitthe Jawan Ki karan”

March - Street Play “Water War” & “APNA Hidu Naya Saal”

Rhythm Of Haryana-2016 and Jhoom-2016

Director, Dr. Ranjit Roy